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Wow, The Scorpio Races has officially become my new favourite book of the day.  Author Maggie Stiefvater magically transports her readers to a fictional island which , in my mind, I've placed somewhere near Wales.  Her evocative novel follows young Puck and Sean as they struggle to survive in this harsh landscape where the lines between myth and reality have blurred and the beautiful, but deadly, water horses circle the island like sharks.

Due to my obsession with all things equine I've re-discovered the joy of reading horsey books... wait for it... for adults! One of my new favourites is Susan Juby's book, Another Kind of Cowboy. In this book full of wry humour and memorable characters, young Alex is secret dressage enthusiast masquerading as a cowboy. I laughed, I cried and I really enjoyed the accurate horse references. You're welcome :) http://amzn.com/0060765178

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